Getting Started

WELL Health Center | Getting Started


Discover if we are a good fit for your health concerns. Watch our three introduction videos at the bottom of this page and then explore our website to learn how we can help.


Call our office at 858.481.0303 and speak to a WELL Health Team Member to discuss your health concerns. This helps us determine if we can help you and if you are a good fit for one of our Wellness Programs.

And most important…

If we are in agreement and decide to move forward with your case, then we will schedule you for a New Member Consultation.

Get Well: An Introduction to the WELL Health Center

In this video, Dr. Milligan and Dr. Sorrenti will share with you how they guide you to getting well at our WELL Health Center.

Live Well: The Importance of Having a Strategy

In this video, the Doctors discuss the steps they use at the WELL Health Center to truly help others “live well”, as well as the importance of having a strategy for long-term results.

Stay Well: How We are Different

In this final video, Dr. Milligan and Dr. Sorrenti share how their approach is different and how their primary focus is for you to gain health independence for the rest of your life.